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Howdy! Welcome to, be a Wise Investor. Get deep into the Ocean of Indian Stock Market. Get top stock recommendations, trading & investment tips, Hidden gems, Multi-baggers, Stocks on the move, Value investing, etc. Build your own portfolio with 1172 others now. Its free.

"First rule is not to lose money. Second rule is not to forget the First rule."

-Warren Buffet

Make your own rules

Stock market investment always has an element of risk, you cannot avoid it but you can always take steps to minimize it.

Diversify your portfolio into 20 to 25 stocks. Never invest more than 10% of your capital in a single stock. Have 10% cash reserves. Never indulge in timing the market and have a long term investment horizon. Never invest all the capital at once. Invest in stocks over a period of time. Book profits often. Never lose capital while investing, be disciplined & have a good stoploss (10-15%) and respect it. Finally, Never buy stocks on speculations.


weeks in a year


days in a week


seconds in a minute


minutes in an hour




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